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Our commitment at Urban Escape Day Spa is to provide each guest with an extraordinary experience each and every time they visit us. We provide a calm, serene and welcoming environment where our guests can getaway from the outside world and truly “relax, unwind and escape”. We as a team are able to provide an extraordinary environment, experience and high level of service by upholding the values of world-class customer service, professionalism, education, sanitation, consistency and overall excellence. We are focused on building a retreat for our guests while working with the community to bring wellness awareness to others in order to enhance their everyday life and overall well being.

If we do not exceed your expectations, please contact us immediately so we may have the opportunity to make it better for you and our future guests.

From our Blog

3 ways to care for your skin

1.) Protect it from the sun! One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. Be sure to always wear sun block! We offer a great selection from Image skincare. 2.) Never go to bed with makeup on! Cleanse your face twice—the first cleanse removes the day and the second one cleans your skin. · Impurities from the day can clog pores and cause breakouts. Clean skin provides the perfect surface so that moisturizers and creams can be most effective. · Your skin repairs itself at night. One of the reasons it is important to use skincare at night is that cleaning your skin/removing the day gives your skin a better chance of being clear of breakouts. 3.) Know what you are putting on your skin. Most popular makeup brands contain ingredients that have the potential to be contaminated with cancer causers: PEG/PPG 10 dimethicone, PEG/PPG 18, retinyl acetate, tocopheryl acetate, laureth 7, and PEG/PPG 20 dimethicone. Be aware of what chemicals are in the products you use in your daily regimen and look into organic alternatives. Be sure to sign up for our free skincare event on May 27th.  We will be introducing our new all natural mineral makeup... read more

3 Ways to Appreciate Your Mother

3 ways to appreciate your mother (not just on Mother’s Day) 1.Give her a call! When was the last time you spoke with her? Whether you talk on a daily basis or once a month, get in the habit of calling your mom just to let her know you are thinking of her.  A small gesture like this goes a very long way and will show her just how much you appreciate her. 2.Treat her to a spa day!  We have various packages that fit the needs of a hard working mother and even mothers-to-be. Providing your mother with a chance to relax and unwind from a busy routine could be the escape she is looking for.  3.Cook together! One of the best gifts you can give your mother is time. Spend the afternoon or evening sharing old recipes and memories while you work as a team to create that perfect meal or special treat. GO OUT AND DO IT! Don’t overthink what your mom would like to have or what she needs to hear from you. Most moms will enjoy what you give them because it came from... read more

How to prepare for allergy season

March is here, which means the spring season is approaching. While it will bring beautiful flowers and bright green grass, it will also deliver a lot of pollen into our airways. Here are a few ways you can steer clear and enjoy spring without the full effects of allergies. 1. Get a massage. “Get a massage?!” you may ask? Of course. Did you know that Urban Escape offers allergy and sinus relief enhancements onto their massages upon request? Double up on your relief with this amazing treatment that includes eucalyptus and lemon essential oils that are infused using a warm compress and additional relief can be achieved with sinus-focused acupressure points on the face and temples. Give it a try! 2. Spring clean! It’s that time again to clean up and feel refreshed for warmer weather. Although it may be tempting to open up all of your windows, if you are a big allergy sufferer you may want to consider leaving your windows and doors shut in order to keep your home free of extra pollens and mold. When you are cleaning, focus on areas where pollen can collect such as bedding, air filters, rugs and carpeting. Be sure to vacuum often and to change and wash your clothes after being outside for extended periods of time. 3. Reap the many benefits of acupuncture. Acupuncture can eliminate irritation in the respiratory tract, decrease the body’s sensitivity to allergens and also decrease histamine release. Schedule an appointment with Dan for quick allergy... read more

5 ways to show someone you love them

January can be a busy month with trying to accomplish all of our New Year’s resolutions, causing us to get caught up in so many things that we forget to take the time to show the people we care about how much they are loved. Below are 5 simple ways to show your love. 1.When it’s cold outside, bring them their favorite hot drink and a nice little treat. There is nothing better than sipping on a hot latte on a snowy day, and what better way to top it off than with a sweet treat. Little gestures like these really can make someone’s day bright and warm! 2. Clean for them, especially things you know that they hate doing, like doing the dishes or laundry. Doing house chores are a good way to take extra stress away from your loved ones,especially on days that they work long hours or may have received bad news. A little goes a long way with this gesture! 3. Revisit a first date or first meeting place and reminisce. This activity is great for all kinds of relationships. Over time we can start to naturally depreciate where everything started and our original feelings that we developed for each other. Revisiting where you met that special someone can help you both appreciate where you started and how far you have come together. 4.Put the phone down! (unless you are calling them,of course!) We live in an extremely virtual world with all of our iPhones,computers and televisions that can keep us from really giving our loved ones the attention they deserve. Try giving them your... read more

Turn your resolution into reality

Make a physical list of your aspirations for 2016. Do you want to travel? Do you want to look and feel your best? Sometimes thoughts remain just that, unless you put them down on paper so that you can visually see them and begin to plan out how you will accomplish them. Start out with short term goals and gradually work your way up to long term. You will notice that the smaller steps are what will propel you forward into your ultimate destination. Make a vision board. Vision boards are a visual compilation of all the desires and goals that you have listed. Gather magazines to collect images that reflect your path,such as a woman running,healthy foods,a globe,etc. and compile them onto one poster board. Feel free to use words and even draw on your vision board to encourage and motivate you. Lastly,hang it in a space that you pass by everyday so that your vision is before you on a daily basis. Take a trip to the spa! When you reach a transitional phase in your life it may feel like you need to recharge a bit in order to power forward. A relaxing massage,acupuncture session,nail appointment or rejuvenating facial could be just what you need to tackle your resolutions. Above all else this year,learn to appreciate each experience and embrace the beauty in your... read more

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